Why you should play Watch Dogs 2, despite its flaws

Set in a beautifully realised open-world San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 can be a lot of fun…if you know where to look.

Watch Dogs 2 is possibly the most thematically confused game I have ever played. You play as Marcus, a cool and likable guy who also happens to be a prodigious hacker. At the beginning of the game he’s recruited by DedSec, a group of cyberpunk “hacktivists” intent on exposing malpractice in evil corporations and bringing truth to the masses. These characters range from the irritating to the ridiculous, and reek of a down-with-the-kids desperation.

Watch Dogs 2 screenshot

To be fair, the game should be praised for tackling (however meekly) issues most games avoid like the plague. Racism, gentrification, online predators, organised religion and more all get a look in, but are generally tossed aside to fit the game’s more jovial tone. Continue reading “Why you should play Watch Dogs 2, despite its flaws”

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