Heroes of the Frontier, by Dave Eggers

A hilarious and moving state-of-the-nation road trip, Heroes of the Frontier is Dave Eggers at his satirical best.Heroes of the Frontier

Heroes of the Frontier is a story of a small family “from the bottom forty-eight” driving through Alaska. Josie, a dentist fleeing a broken relationship and an impending lawsuit, takes her two children out of school and flies to Anchorage. They rent a battered old RV nicknamed “The Chateau” and aimlessly hit the road. The story takes on a familiar pattern. Josie arrives in a new place, full of hope and unfettered optimism. Before long, either through her own mistakes or shattered expectations, they leave – Josie dejected and forlorn, before starting all over again. It is a pattern mirrored in the life she left behind, which is slowly revealed to us – the peaks and troughs of daily suburbia, the deadening monotony irregularly punctured by fleeting moments of euphoria. Continue reading “Heroes of the Frontier, by Dave Eggers”